Sledder of the Week July 11-17
Monday, 18 July 2011 12:30


VintageSledders Screenname:Speed Racer

Real Name: Tom Zeller

Location:Hugo, Mn.

Family: Wife- Sue. Daughters- Nichole, Jade.Step daughter-Simona. Step son- Monte. & 7 grand kids.

Current sleds:77-Team Englert 250 TX, 77 250 TX survivor, 77 340 TX rider, 79 TXL Trail Deluxe long track,79 Centurion, 79 Centurion long track project,91 RXL (PORKA), 91 RXL long track,90 Trail, 89 400 Indy, a few parts sleds.

Favorite brand:

Dream sled:78 RXL

Do you show? no, all my sleds are riders
Swap?I buy and sell (more buy than sell)
Race?I raced many NSSR classes for over 10 years,now only at CCVSC gatherings and I did the 100 at DL this winter (I think I'm still sore)
Favorite vintage snowmobile event: Princeton

How long have you been into vintage snowmobiles? Since MercDiver talked me into pulling the Team Englert TX out of storage about 1 1/2 years ago.

When did you first get bit by the vintage bug? At my first CCVSC race day (1 1/2 yrs. ago)

Other hobbies: I have several vintage Kawasaki Motorcycles that I have restored and ride, RVing with my wife, crewing on a NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle,Building custom Boss Hoss motorcycles and beating on my vintage Yamaha golf cart.

Random fact about you:I'm a legend in my own mind.

Sledder of the Week June 27- July 3
Monday, 27 June 2011 00:00


VintageSledders Screenname:mercdiver

Real Name:lloyd krohn


Family:married, wife karen

Current sleds:2 75 merc 440 s/t f/a's, 1 75 merc 440 t/t f/c, 1 76 merc 440 t/t f/c

Favorite brand:merc

Dream sled:too many to list

Do you show? Swap? Race?i show,swap, and race drags

Favorite vintage snowmobile event:princeton

How long have you been into vintage snowmobiles?since i was 10 and my dad bought a 68 johnson which was already older even then

When did you first get bit by the vintage bug?have always had vintage, but got bit real hard25 years ago

Other hobbies:i also scuba dive,island hop,ride harleys,camp,hunt, and love rock and roll

Random fact about you:i have a big need for speed

If you would like to participate in Sledder of the Week, just fill complete as many of the questions below as you'd like, then send in your information along with a picture of yourself to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

VintageSledders Screenname:
Real Name:
Current sleds:
Favorite brand:
Dream sled:
Do you show? Swap? Race?
Favorite vintage snowmobile event:
How long have you been into vintage snowmobiles?
When did you first get bit by the vintage bug?
Other hobbies:
Random fact about you:

Sledder of the Week July 4-10
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 08:59


VintageSledders Screenname:Rupp luver

Real Name:Daniel L. Jensen


Family:Wife: Karen. 2 grown children,Jeffrey & Jeannie. Grandson;Jaeger. Dog:Bezhu,a pug/cocker cross.Damn good watch dog!

Current sleds:1970 Rupp Sprint 29,1972 Yankee 25,1970 Rupp WT,1978 JD Spitfire,2-1973 JD 300's,1974 Roll-O-Flex Apache & numerous parts sleds.
Favorite brand:Rupp, followed by JD!

Dream sled: Rupp GTX 740.

Do you show? Swap? Race? Show=No,nothing I have is show material,just riders that have been reclaimed. Swap=Yes. Race=NO,to old & slow.

Favorite vintage snowmobile event:Ft.Ransom Retro Ride in ND,followed by Milbank,SD swap & Princeton,MN swap.

How long have you been into vintage snowmobiles? since December 2007.

When did you first get bit by the vintage bug? really bit bad in the summer of 2008!

Other hobbies:Target practice,collecting stoneware pottery,4 wheelin',& spending $.

Random fact about you:been married to the same women for 43 years. I'm a youngster at 65!

Twin Tracker History
Thursday, 30 June 2011 15:33

Twin trackers gained popularity in the 1900’s

The first twin-tracked snow vehicles gained popularity in the early 1900s. Auto and tractor conversions were almost exclu­sive until the appearance of the single track vehicle pioneered by Eliason in the '920s.

Seeking to maximize floatation, some modern manufacturers returned to the twin track idea.

Hus Ski began production in 1962 in Pointe Claire, Quebec. A West Bend Power Bee engine powered a yellow trac­tor unit with no skis and two wooden cleated tracks, pulling the operator on a sled behind. Acquiring the company in 1965, Bolens produced the more refined Diablo Rouge, or Red Devil, from 1967-'69.

The single ski, rear engine Snow Bug was made by the Original Equipment Manufacturing Company of Sudbury, Ontario. A twin track prototype called the Snowpacker was developed in 1962, along with a five-foot-wide, triple-tracked ver­sion. In 1966, a dual 26-inch track model was introduced.

Bombardier's first dual track, single ski offering was the 1963 RD 8. R stood for Rotax, D signified dual, and 8 was the horsepower of the first year, 247 cc Rotax engine.

In 1965 came the famous Alpine label, which endured until 1995. The Alpine -ame was first issued in 1962 to a much _-,maller. single track model.


The Invader, Valmont, and Alpine II and IV were later versions of the classic namesake.

Based on a rear engine concept sled called the Mirage n, Ski-Doo's Elite, fea­turing side-by-side seating and two steering skis, was made from 1973-'75 and 1978-'82. It was re-released in 2004 with a closed cab, independent front sus­pension, and four stroke motor.

Chapparal in 1969 produced a work horse with two 18-inch tracks powered by a 618cc Kohler twin, the Snowgoer.

A host of companies manufactured twin trackers in the late 1960s and 1970s. No ski vehicles such as Ridge Runner, Caribou, Play Cat and Passe Par Tout were regarded more as ASVs than snow­mobiles.

OMC's Cushman Trackster had a float­ing kit as an option. Argo and others provided track conversions for their wheeled vehicles.

Alsport in 1971-'72 made a "sit in" machine with dual tracks and front wheel or ski options.

Bob Bracey introduced the rear engine Raider in 1972, hoping to appeal to the recreational rider. A single seat cockpit, sporty styling and narrow eight-inch twin tracks were indicative of snowmobile trail system development.

In production until 1975, Bracey pro­duced the Manta in 1986 and the Trail Roamer in 2000, a four stroke state-of-the-

art trail machine with independent front suspension and an $8,500 price tag.

Across the pond in Sweden, Scandina­vians were building twin trackers since the 1950s. Aktiv of Ostersund offered several deep snow models with and without skis through the 1980s, the best known U.S. import being the single ski Grizzly, pow­ered by 500cc Spirit engine.

Ockelbo Industri AB made the twin track Model 800.

Russia checked in with the Buran, a single ski machine powered by a 625cc Ribenski fan-cooled twin.

Alpina of Vicenza, Italy, currently imports utility sleds into the U.S.

Not all double trackers were intended for transport or cargo hauling.

Behind closed doors, most major manu­facturers at one time or another were building and testing double track speed machines, concept sleds, and prototype racers.

Gilles Villenueve debuted the Alouette twin track racer at Ironwood, Michigan, in December of 1973.

Manta fielded an oval racer.

Ski-Doo dominated twin track racing through the 1980s and '90s.

Though never enjoying the recreational popularity of their single track cousins, the deep snow and freight hauling capabilities will keep twin trackers in service on ski slopes and in big snow country around the world.


Reprinted with permission. More of Steve's work can be found in Iron Dogs Tracks the official newsletter of the Antique Snowmobile Club Of America.

Whetstone Valley Antique&Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 00:00



Here's the official details of the event:

Event Details
Event Date: 2011-06-03
Event Location: Milbank,SD

Event Description
Join us June 3rd and 4th at Lake Farley Park in Milbank, SD for our annual show. We will be judging on Saturday for awards in classes including Antique and Vintage Sleds, Customs, Cutters, Raced Sleds, Mini Bikes Peoples Choice and Longest distance traveled to attend our show. There will be a silent auction Saturday morning with proceeds going towards the show so bring any items you would like to donate. The Swap meet will be going both Friday and Saturday. Camping is available on site Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the city has added a few full hookup camp sites which will be available. Saturday night we will again be having an awards banquet with a meal. Food Concessions Available Friday and Saturday.



Imagine walking through a park path lined with show sleds and swap items, stopping to chat with old friends and even taking time to make some new ones. This is a family friendly event, so bring the wife, kids and even the dog (on a leash) and you'll be glad you came!


For more information about the event contact:

Derrick Loeschke
Phone: 605-880-3277
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


More pictures and stories from past years events can be found in the Vintagesledders forum


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