Braapfest is Back!!!
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 09:34

Braap 2016

The 9th Annual Braapfest is scheduled for the weekend of February 26-27-28,

2016. The Ice Bar was a huge hit last year and it is coming back bigger than ever. The one lunger races are being renamed the CruelPaul Single Banger Shootout in honor of Paul Shearer who started the race. Also, Braapfest is adding some exhibition racing with outlaw sleds. Inside the bar is featuring the World Record holding 800cc Open Mod Englert Special race sled. This sled still holds the world speed record of 140.487 from a triple free air 2 stroke snowmobile. It was driven by our own member Tommy Zeller (aka speed racer) throughout the late 80’s. Rides will be held throughout the week along with Bonfires on the lake and other fun. This year’s live music features Kyle Mertz on Friday night and the southern country rock band Thirsty Jones on Saturday night. Thirsty Jones has won several awards for their music and has played onstage with many country stars. More info can e found in the forums section under “show & events” – Braapfest. Everyone is invited to attend the event that is said to be “the most fun you can have on snow”. 

Website News
Thursday, 07 January 2016 09:40

Hello ladies and gentleman!

I wanted to let everyone know what's happening with the website.

Rest assured the site will still stay active and there's no chance of it going away.
Brother Cruel put his heart and soul into this site making it a place where fellow sledheads can come and be free to say what they want and laugh at each other, as well as themselves.

We want to make sure that this place stays as fun as it's always been!

Feel free to leave some feedback in the 'Site News & Feedback' section if there are any ideas you may have that you would like to see in the future, there are no bad suggestions.

Look for more updates and articles in the next few months and please continue to post your finds, projects, pictures and event info.

You are the ones who make this a great place to be, so keep up the good work!!

Thank you,
Sister Mary

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 10:06

So... you got no snow. Well for most of the sledder world, this is true. Guess what, Springstead Wis has a solid 10" base, and the trails are open! I don't know about you, but I'm heading for Springstead Wis, home of Braapfest 2015!


 braapfest 2015 flyer

Here's more details:



New Braapfest swag will be available at the lodge all weekend!!!

For more info on this event, check out the official thread in the forum : Braapfest 2015

The Bud Man
Saturday, 27 December 2014 12:29


In 1983 Paul Groth took a ride to Plymouth MN, where he heard the Arctic Cat Boss Cat II sat in a trailer at the Cat distribution facility. Paul was looking to get the dimensions from the machine to build a drag sled that he would attempt to break the world speed record. While speaking to management he was asked why he just did not buy the Boss Cat II instead of building one? He thought the Boss Cat II would be far too expensive for what he wanted to spend. He was told to make them an offer (remember that Cat was going under at this point). He made an offer, and soon became the new owner of the machine. Paul took the machine back to Frontenac, MN and ran it with a small block Chevy for several years. Paul spent some time contacing many potential sponsors and finally in 1985 he secured the Budweiser sponsor. In 1987 Paul installed a 500c.i. blown Chevy big block, fueled by alcohol and nitrous oxide. The then named Bud-weiser Sno-King claimed the world NSSR world record top speed of 168.093 mph on ice.

boss cat to bud cat custom

At the same time that Paul Groth was busy building the fastest snowmobile on ice, the NSSR ( National Straightline Snowmobile Racing Association) was born. The NSSR was established in 1986 to regulate the technical standards for world record speed runs. Even though the Budweiser Sno-King held 2 NSSR world records, a new drag sled was in the works. By the late 80’s the NSSR limited motor size to 370c.i. and Paul quickly realized that to go fast with a smaller engine, he would have to have a lighter chassis. The Budweiser Sno-King II was purchased as a drag racing chassis. Paul built many of the other parts needed to make it work on the ice. It was shorter and was powered by a 370c.i. short stroke big block Chevy engine. The Sno-King II was ran from 1989- ‘92 and became the 1990 NSSR World Champion. It also held a single speed record of 201.469 mph in 1992. The speed could not be backed up that day due to a broken part on the machine or it would be the world record.

ddery custom

In 1992 NSSR voted to go back to snowmobile power plants, with the rule changes Paul once again was forced to build a new machine. The Sno-King III was built in 1992-93. Paul told me he tried to get Arctic Cat to supply him with the new Thunder Cat engines. He could not get Cat to supply the engines so he secured the Yamaha V-Max engine from Yamaha, who supplied him with 7 engines for the Sno-King III build. The new sled was completely hand made and Paul says it cost him much more than the others combined to build. The Sno-King III ran NSSR from 1993 to 1995. During the 1995 season Budweiser stopped it’s sponsorship and retired the Budweiser Sno-King drag sleds. During the ten year run with Budweiser, Paul Groth won 6 NSSR Unlimited World Records, became the 1990 NSSR World Champion, received the 1993 NSSR Engineering award, and broke the 200 mph mark on ice.

paul2 custom


All Three Sno-King sleds are currently owned by one collector. The original Sno-King has been restored to the Arctic Cat colors as built in 1972. Sno-King II & III are in the Midwest and do come out to shows. I saw Sno-King II run several years ago at the St. Germain, WI show. Paul Groth has remained in the business and has consulted on several projects throughout the years. He is one of the best engineers the racing business has ever seen.

Paul Groth also made many other interesting projects throughout the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. We know of a speedway sled that had the hood cut and a Ski-Doo powerplant stuffed into it in the early 70’s. That sled is currently owned by a member. In the 80’s Paul fabricated a new machine he dubbed the "Baby Sno-King". The "Baby Bud" sled started life as a go-cart Paul made for his niece & nephew. Several years after it became unused as many toys do, Paul took the wheels off and made it into a mini drag sled. The Baby Sno-King has a Honda powerplant that was donated out of a Honda Big Red wheeler. The single cylinder 200cc motor eqpuiped with electric start and a 3 speed transmission, Polaris juice brake, & what appears to be an early 70’s Ski-Doo jack shaft assembly. Baby Bud is chain drive and sits on a pair of Jr. Brut tracks with Blizzard drivers. It was hauled to many of the Sno-King races and was used as a pit sled to haul the 3 large batteries that started the Sno-King sleds. This winter it is on display at Springstead Lake Lodge (Springstead WI) where it will be seen running and is also the feature sled for Braapfest.

dfjksd custom

What is Braapfest? It's only wildest, best kept secret weekend of the winter, held weekend of Feb. 21st, 2015. For more info check out the officail Braapfest thread in the forum.

Braapfest...See you there!


New Swag
Friday, 15 August 2014 08:13

Just in time for Princeton... Stop by the Vlsedders Booth and score yourself a new shirt, hoodie, or hat.




See you there!!!!

More info in the Vsledders forum


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